Jordan Palmer Quotes

If you want the rainbow you must endure the rain. The silence of friends however is deafening. Failure to raise your hand in protest when people are denied fundamental freedoms makes you part of the problem and not the solution. You may think it does not apply to you, but it does. History is replete with a Government denying fundamental freedoms to a minority group and the reason it continues and will always continue is that it is tolerated by the majority. - Jordan Palmer (August 2011)

The fear, hared, and rejection of diversity, not to mention tolerance and acceptance attack the very foundation our Commonwealth and Union are built on. Be sure you lead a perfect life (and no one does, we all have faults) before you have the audacity to judge another individual, minority group or community. - Jordan Palmer (August 2011)

You must work on yourself spiritually to understand things rather than putting labels on things so quickly; you're gonna have to deal with those kinds of people, and how you deal with them is with know that, they don't know any better. - Jordan Palmer (July 2011)

As I have stated many times, as a community, we must understand that there will always be someone who will oppose us and how Kentucky Equality Federation deals with them will depend on each unique situation; but someone will always threaten everything we have accomplished. Vigilance is the price we must pay over and over again; even the KKK is still around, but largely ignored. - Jordan Palmer (July 2011)

Have a safe weekend everyone. As Independence Day approaches, it is sad that we still struggle for Equality (to be equal) in our Commonwealth and across the United States. There was a time when only people of a certain sex and race could own land; women also could not vote, but in the name of Equality we progressed and moved forward.... so shall we. - Jordan Palmer (July 2011)