People's Opinion of Jordan Palmer

Jordan my fine friend, you deserve more best wishes and joy than anyone else I can think of, Blow those candles out the first time and may all your wishes come true. I admire all the hard work that you do for all of our equality you should be blessed at alll times! - Bryce Cox (August 2011)

Thank you for the add and thanks for all the work you do through the KEF in hopes of giving a stronger voice to those that would not have one otherwise! - Jeremiah Wiley (August 2011)

i knew you were the President but i didn't know, however, that you were the Founder. i'm proud to be friends with you! you are such an inspiration to me. - Jess Milburn (August 2011)

Jordan, please get well soon. Take care of yourself first. No matter what anyone may say, we all need you more than even you realize. So much has been accomplished in the short time KEF was established. Try to be strong and have faith that those who support you and your mission will continue to do so while and after you heal. - Lynn Bradshaw Thompson (July 2011)

Thanks for all you do!!! - Barbara Sebastian Pierce (July 2011)

Thanks for the add. Such an honor! I respect your work with Kentucky Equality Federation so much. It's making Kentucky a better place. :) - Joan Shannon Garrison (July 2011)

Sharing and very succinctly put Jordan. Although I am not so sure I could have handled it without emotional statements. That's what makes you a fantastic KEF President. :) - Pamela Thum (July 2011)

You are important to people you love and care for, though maybe not always aware that you are so very dear to many others and appreciated. - Mike Fee (June 2012)

Jordan, the Bible has given us one indisputable statement " a righteous man's steps are order by the Lord". Righteous does not mean that a person is without a flaw, but that their inner core and life desire is focused on seeking the 'right' of justice, fairness and equality of all situations. The person whose desire is to establish 'right' is directed by God. This has always been my confidence. Continue to seek 'right', and in this, God will direct your steps, there is no need to fear. There are two opposing forces 'right' and 'wrong', these forces exist in all areas. The force of 'right' is making progress against the force of 'wrong' within the LGBTI arena, therefore, the force of 'wrong' is continually regrouping, re-strategizing, and becoming more hateful (we have seen this with the influx of Utube and billboards). These are the actions of those who realize their defeat is inevitable. God's continued blessing on your life. - Minister Edith Baker, Ph.D. (June 2012)

You are an advocate for us all and you still have lots to do so I'm sure God will watch over you and help you through. Hugz! - Clifford Norton III (July 2012)

I know you have a heavy workload and that you do a lot for your friends. Please take good care, and know that you're in the thoughts of many people who support and care for you. My best wishes in all you do! Fondly, from New Mexico, Bill Powers (October 2012)

Jordan just wanted to say, I appreciate you very much, all that you do for the gay community. I stand proud and tall with you. - Mike Fee (2010)

All goodness and strength, happiness and fulfillment, that you continue to make everyones day suddenly seem worthwhile. - Matthew T. Smith (2009)

Thank you for all the good work you do there for equality. Fighting Prop 8 here. Very thankful for our latest victories. All the best! - Scott Blair (2009)

Some people know they deserve and some wonder. You deserve a happy Birthday wish, Jordan. I hope it is a great day. - Leon Conrad (2010)

Thank you for all that you do and have done for all of us through out the state. - David Jones (November 2012)

Jordan Palmer to me you are like a gay Jesus. You work so hard for our gay rights and I thank you for it. - Jeffrey Allen Lamb (2009)

Keep up the awesome work in Kentucky. The world needs you. - Jade Esteban Estrada (2006)

I saw you guys at the derby breakfast today... it made my day. when i first saw you, tears seriously welled up in my eyes i was THAT happy...thanks :) - JENNI (2005)

thank you so much for being friends i really appreciate having you as my pal. looks like you have you have it GOING ON!!! It's amazing what we can do with hard work and believing in ourselves!! God Bless!! XoXo Nicollette (2006)

Kentucky Equality Federation rocks!!! Fight the good fight... - Michael from Berea (2007)

I am devastated by Bill 68! Thank you for killing it - Tony from Lexington (2008)

Love is always right!!!!!!!!! Thank you for fighting for it!!! - Daniel from Louisville (2007)

Thanks for all you do for us here in KY. - Chad from Lexington (2007)

Our group supports yours! Good luck in your campaign for true equality in Kentucky. Nothing more, nothing less. :-) - Richard from Lexington (2006)

I swear, equality in Kentucky is so seems a celebration of victory one day only gives us enough strength for the funeral of failure the next. I'm getting so sick of it. But yes, once again, KEF I stand behind you 100%. - Jim from Morehead (2006)

I am a former co-chair of Henderson Fairness, and worked for a very long time to get a Fairness Ordinance which was overturned when we got a new city commission. It was worth the fight though, we really raised awareness in Western Ky. Keep up the fight!! - Joe (2008)

you guys really are doing a great thing. - Tim (2005)

Stay strong...your voices are many when joined together...I salute you all for stay'in true to yours truths and fighting for equality for all! - Chanda from California (2011)

Kentucky Equality – Thank you for your spirit, talent and support. - (2009)

Love the sign! Can't wait to meet some new people tomorrow and Wednesday! - Jason Johnson (2007)

You guys rock at all you do. Thanks for the help and support. - Mike Volmer, Co-President, NKU Common Ground (2006)

You guys are the best thank you for everything you did for me. - Raymond from Whitesburg (2011)

I appreciate all that you do and all that you represent. - Shannon from "Don't be Silenced" (2005)