Monday, April 6, 2020

Nationalism has failed us says activist Jordan Palmer

A lot of people are pointing fingers at others right now about COVID-19. If only that would save lives. It will not. We are in this and no one thinking to thank the United Nations #WHO, the U.S. #CDC, or your #State and #local #HealthDepartments that this is the first major disruption to our lives in generations. I personally thank you! 

Some people are having a hard time conforming to orders and put others at risk. These people lack impulse control and/or self-worth. For them, it’s time to stop being selfish and put others before you. The other side of that coin is #addicts. I’m certain they are struggling with this crisis. If only we cared about mental health and addressed the #drug crisis. It certainly isn’t the case that we haven’t been given every opportunity. To them, I’m sorry your governments failed you.

This has also taught us that obsession with #Congress and the #President must stop. #Nationalism doesn’t work!

Power to the sovereignty to the #States and downsize the #federal government - Jordan Bowling Palmer, secretary-general, Kentucky Equality Federation

 #TeamKentucky #TeamKY #KY #KYGA20

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