Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jordan Palmer's (my) argument with candidate John T. Kemper who said "Spirit Day," was a "Meaningless Gesture."

I got into a huge argument with Kentucky Republican Auditor of Public Accounts candidate John T. Kemper III.  Kemper stated the "Wear Purple Day," or "Spirit Day," was a "meaningless gesture," and also stated: "For me Homosexuality is a sin, the same as another sin, adultery, murder, cheating, stealing etc."

You can read more about it on Kentucky Equality Federation's Blog, as well as the popular Hillbilly Report.

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  1. I'm not sure what your intentions are here. but to me you seem to dislike Mr. Kemper for his religious views. Is he not entitled to freedom of speech and religion as you are? The left says the republicans are dividing our country but I disagree, I think the haters are dividing our Country and their on both sides of the asile. I am against same sex Marriage and think homosexuality is a sin also. But I have several gay friends and I don't hate them.


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