Monday, November 1, 2010

Warning about extending your anger with federal politics to state politics

It is difficult for me to believe that the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and intersex community in Kentucky is so cynical that they would vote against their own interests as published in the following stories:

Yes, we have the Log Cabin Republicans fighting for LGBTI rights within the Republican Party, and I am proud to have them, just as we have the Stonewall Democrats fighting for LGBTI rights within the Democratic Party.  However, the Log Cabin Republicans have had limited success in curtailing conservative social agendas, and now we have the anti-gay Tea Party to contend with.

If the Commonwealth of Kentucky had all the political money that it's political candidates have wasted in this election with mudslinging, Kentucky would be out of debt.  Perhaps we need a law that limits campaign spending and contributions?

If the articles above are correct, do not make the mistake of extending your frustration with the federal government to Kentucky's Government.  
  • Governor Beshear, First Lady Beshear, and Kentucky's Secretary of Commerce just returned from the Republic of India on a economic state visit.  

I personally want to draw your attention to Kentucky Representatives Tom Burch, Ruth Ann Palumbo, Mary Lou Marzian, Susan Westrom, Darryl Owens, Senator Kathy W. Stein (next election) and many other Democrats have always stood up for Kentucky's LGBTI community, and now we must be there to support them.

I also personally support Matthew Vanderpool to replace Stan Lee in House District 45. 

If you turn your back on your LGBTI friendly lawmakers, or re-elect Stan Lee in House District 45, things will only get worse for our community and we will effectively be punishing ourselves!  Is that logical?  We cannot allow ourselves to turn against each other, and we cannot permit bitterness to take hold.

Our community cannot have everything we deserve at once; the Prop. 8 lawsuit in California is backfiring, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Vs. United States (which struck down the Defense of Marriage Act) is being appealed by the Obama Administration.  But the Prop. 8 Trial has had consequences right here in Kentucky, and we do not know the final outcome of it.

The Republican Party is currently too closely aligned with the Tea Party.  So, vote Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, anything but Republican until they remove their personal religious beliefs from their campaigns.  OMG, and no, Rand Paul is not a Libertarian, they have denounced him again and againThe Libertarian Party of Kentucky, along with some of the Democrats with the Democratic Party of Kentucky (no I have no idea why the Kentucky Democratic Party apparently decided not to included the Kentucky House of Representatives candidates) I named have always supported Kentucky's LGBTI community...... how many Republican have?  Can you name even one

This has been a horrible election with violence, and angry gay voters.  In addition, many states are talking about secession.  This is a scary time for our Union, but remember that domestic policy is the responsibility of the States, not the federal government.

Many people hate the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and interex community; some had rather us kill ourselves rather than live.  We also have people within our own community who publish hate, lies, and half stories.  Our community has enough opposition without allowing others to turn us against ourselves..... if we cannot stand united together, our struggle will continue for generations to come!

As humans we are quick to judge and slow to change; we cannot see past our own desires and ambitions to see the real picture...... what we must find the courage to do so.  Though many LGBTI people are angry, bitter, and claim to hate the Democratic Party (from the stories above) I warn you that hate and bitterness are dangerous because once you allow them to take hold they consume you, and before long, you cannot remember feeling any other way...... so it becomes a way of life without you realizing it on a conscious level. 

"We The People," must move forward by embracing diversity and teaching our children tolerance, only then will we find the answers to the problems that face Kentucky.

Perhaps the pledge of allegiance to Commonwealth says it best: "I pledge allegiance to the Kentucky flag, and to the Sovereign State for which it stands, one Commonwealth, blessed with diversity, natural wealth, beauty, and grace from on High."


  1. *Sigh* I'm disappointed. Owens and Stein are an embarrassment to their districts and the Commonwealth.

    If you're a single-issue voter, re-elect these people. Otherwise...there are alternatives. The KY LGBTI community should consider looking beyond the walls of the KDP for a home if they want true loyalty to the cause of equality.

  2. The Libertarian Party of Kentucky has always supported the LGBTI community in Kentucky. However, as far as Republicans, I cannot vote for people like Kemper who denounce the way I was born "as a crime." Religion has no place in Government.

  3. I think the Dems and the GOP are jokes all they do is lie lie lie and if their nose grew each time they lied you could ride the mother fucker all the way to Korea.

  4. Pissed Off Voter that WILL VOTE!!!November 2, 2010 at 12:37 AM


  5. Dusty I approved your comment and found it humorous but please watch your language.

  6. Your words are well indented and I thank you for your continued leadership **but** the truth is Palumbo and Stein are idiots but Stein belongs in Alcoholics Anonymous and not the KY Senate. Peace.

  7. LMFAO with the Stein comment but hey John FUCK YOU and FUCK OFF! Peace to you MOTHER!

  8. If I have to warn anyone else about language I will ban your IP Address. I will not censor your opinion since that is all a Blog is to begin with, but I will not tolerate foul language.


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